Elevate your brand, secure more bids, and expand your business with Sioux Chief, the premier rough plumbing solution. As a pioneer in American innovation, Sioux Chief Manufacturing leads the industry with groundbreaking products crafted from concept to completion. Proudly made in the USA, Sioux Chief sets the standard for quality and innovation in the plumbing industry.


Schier is a family-owned American manufacturer committed to delivering lifetime guaranteed grease interceptors, offering exceptional value. Our products are equipped with unparalleled features, tailored to your needs for enhanced usability and performance. Proudly MADE IN THE USA.


The Pro-Flex patented fitting system and flexible tubing streamline gas piping installations in both new and existing constructions, cutting down on installation time and equipment requirements. With its innovative design, CSST eliminates the expenses associated with traditional black steel pipe, offering potential labor savings of up to 75%. Pro-FlexTM stands out as the most forgiving, cost-effective, and leak-eliminating system available, proudly MADE IN THE USA.


Where it is impossible to drain wastewater via gravity…Saniflo has got your back!

Saniflo SFA provides a diverse array of products tailored to suit various project requirements. Whether you require macerators, grinder pumps, drain pumps, or commercial systems, our reliable and trusted solutions ensure efficient completion of your tasks. With options suitable for both residential and commercial applications, we have the perfect product to meet your needs.

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They build tanks that last a lifetime. Striem manufactures oil separators, solids interceptors, and chemical waste tanks with a commitment to excellence. Our products are crafted to the highest standards and come with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind. With efficient service, we ensure prompt delivery within three days, and our responsive customer support team answers calls in just one ring! MADE IN THE USA.


They put the PSI in water systems. Delta P. Carver has a dedicated team of experts and is here to help with every step of your custom or standard pressure boosting system needs. They are committed to providing cost-effective solutions through efficiency, durability, and ease of use. MADE IN THE USA.


Finally, a toilet with overflow protection! Consider this: sinks and bathtubs have long been equipped with overflow drains. So why not toilets? Penguin Technology introduces a revolutionary toilet design featuring a secondary drain line, providing an extra layer of protection against overflow by allowing contents to drain out in the event of a main trap clog.

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